So, you have a pony or wish to have a pony? Where does one keep the Pony? Does the pony need a field or stable? How much can you ride your pony? What where and when should he eat? What plants must you pull out of his field because they are poisonous? What hay should he eat? Should your pony have a companion? What’s next? The answers to these and many other questions form the knowledge essential to owning and looking after a pony. Once you own your very own pony, the learning and looking after him, never stops. True horse people are always learning how to look after their horses and ponies better. teaches you how to be that horse person. Part of the magic that comes with owning a pony is learning to look after him. Subscribers of will receive weekly lessons specific to one or more areas of horse care education including one or more of the above-mentioned topics. Ready to become a Subscriber?