Your Very Own Pony

What makes such a unique and intimate experience is that Subscribers are included in the everyday lives of the horses. Imagine having breakfast with your pony, or checking in on him in the middle of the day from anywhere in the world, to see what's he’s doing. You’ll be able to watch him sleep in the stables, play in the field and ride with the wind. As a Subscriber you won't just be watching ponies all day on a live stream. You'll be learning about the horses, and what it takes to look after one. From feeding, to grooming and riding, is sure to give you a real-life, horse owner experience. Whether you already have a horse or are looking to buy one, will make you fall in love with your very own pony! Ready to become a Subscriber? Click here. Read More

Horse Care Education

So, you have a pony or wish to have a pony? Where does one keep the Pony? Does the pony need a field or stable? How much can you ride your pony? What where and when should he eat? What plants must you pull out of his field because they are poisonous? What hay should he eat? Should your pony have a companion? What’s next? The answers to these and many other questions form the knowledge essential to owning and looking after a pony. Once you own your very own pony, the learning and looking after him, never stops. True horse people are always learning how to look after their horses and ponies better. teaches you how to be that horse person. Part of the magic that comes with owning a pony is learning to look after him. Subscribers of will receive weekly lessons specific to one or more areas of horse care education including one or more of the above-mentioned topics. Ready to become a Subscriber? Click here. Read More

Virtual Riding Lessons

No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle." - Winston Churchill Few things can compare to the excitement, adventure and overall free feeling of riding a pony. Subscribers to the family benefit from virtual riding lessons as a part of their membership! When we say that this is your very own horse, we mean it. At least once per week, the Founder of and master horse rider, trainer and coach, Lisa Hamilton-Smith, provides live horse riding lessons with your favorite pony. Lisa has lead a 30-year career in teaching, riding, training and coaching from Pony Club to international standard clients in eventing and dressage. She infuses real-life examples, textbook material, and her 30+ years of mastery in this area, to teach virtually anyone, how to ride a horse. Ready to become a Subscriber? Click here. Read More